Anti Theft Backpack With Charger

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Shop Plus Center’s Tailored, with a modern, urban aesthetic, the Anti Theft Backpack With Charger allows you to organize, protect and carry your laptop and other daily staples easily and securely.

Few bags are as practical and convenient as a backpack when it comes to carrying all our gadgets. The only downside is that you can’t keep an eye on your things when they’re hanging on your back! Now, with the Anti Theft Backpack With Charger you can raise your middle finger to itchy fingered pickpockets.

While ordinary backpacks are a dream for pickpockets, with their zippered openings and visible pockets, the Anti Theft Backpack With Charger is far more discrete! The material is durable and extremely resilient. It features back-facing zips and a back panel, with hidden storage, for valuables such as wallets and passports. A hidden, quick access pocket on the shoulder strap is ideal for tucking away your bus card. The main compartment is large and provides safe storage for laptop and tablet, with adjustable straps to keep your things in place.

The Anti Theft Backpack With Charger is so smart it even has an integrated USB charging port on one side. Place your power bank in the backpack and charge your phone while you are out and about!

The Anti Theft Backpack With Charger is available in Black and Grey.

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